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About “Old School FRP”

I made it through one week of daily posts and am now a Level 2 Tumblr.  There are some good RPG Tumblrs out there but I started this one because I was finding too few posts about classic older games on the D&D tags and occasionally on the 80s nostalgia blogs.

I won’t try to define “Old School” too precisely beyond saying I know it when I see it.  These are the games I played when role playing was new, when opening a rule book for the first time gave the same thrill of exploring the unknown that we imagined our characters felt when they held a torch up to a dark tunnel entrance.

"FRP" because it’s an older term for fantasy role playing games that was heard more often before "RPG".  Expect D&D with side excursions into other games, genres, companies, and media.  I might sneak in a few bonus posts about "Old School Revival" products.

No dragonborn feats or plastic prepaint Tieflings here, but no complaining about those either.

This is my second Tumblr so I can’t follow back directly as “oldschoolfrp”, but every follower is appreciated.  You get +100 experience points and an extra roll on the treasure table.  Drinks are in the fridge and pizza is on the way.

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